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Carpet - Wood - Tile



Got Water?

Rain floods, pipe breaks, bathroom overflows, kitchen appliance leaks, washing machine trouble...LVT is the answer & we've got lots of it!

LVT is a great solution for water prone areas

or throughout your whole home or business. 

Our showroom features a wide variety of looks including natural wood, distressed wood, tile, stone, slate & more! Plus, a lot of the products have great texture which gives them a more realistic look.

Can you tell the products below aren't real wood or ceramic?

Even the most trained eye has trouble telling the difference between LVT and real wood or ceramic. Take a look at these product pictures and see for yourself!




Want something easy to clean? 
LVT is the solution!

Since LVT is totally waterproof, you don't have to worry about too

much water from a mop like you would with real wood.

Unlike ceramic, LVT's planks & tiles go right together without

needing grout, which we all know is a pain to clean.

When cleaning LVT, you can use a dust mop, spray & mop,

bucket & mop or even just a wet paper towel for spot cleaning.

It's as simple as that!


Tip from the experts:

When shopping for products that work well with water,

make sure they are waterproof, not water resistant. 

If it's not listed on the product, ask the sales associate!